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Firefighting liquid for any type of fire

Start-up company Firexo has launched a new firefighting liquid that can be used to extinguish any type of fire.

Protecting a new recycling plant

Grundon Waste Management has installed a fire suppression system that integrates with its alarm system. 

Competition for fire-safety design solutions

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Association for Project Safety CAPS) and Hack_Construct are launching a competition designed to kick-start new safety solutions.

EV and hybrid aware

Hybrid and electric vehicles are creating new types of issues during roadside incidents. Fire services have a duty-of-care to ensure that they are properly prepared for these types of scenarios.

Firefighting robot

The latest development in the fight against high-rise fires in Singapore’s urban landscape is not a large firefighting engine, it is a robot.

Combustible cladding ban

A ban on combustible cladding in the UK should apply to all new high-rise buildings, the chartered body for safety and health professionals has said.

New foam testing

Lastfire and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are jointly embarking on a new phase of testing new-generation foams next month.

Battery fires solved?

Researchers have developed a practical and inexpensive way to help prevent lithium-ion battery fires.

Combined gas and smoke detection

Gas detection capability has been added by Patol to the Securiton range of aspirating smoke detection.

Emergency comms in the high seas

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has become the first national authority to publish specifications for portable radios for firefighters under new Solas rules.

Message heard

A highly flexible public address and voice alarm system has been launched by Siemens Building Technologies Division this month.

Safe on the coach

A fire suppression solution for engine compartments in coaches has been developed that complies with new regulations coming into force this summer.

ARFF options

The US Federal Aviation Authority is seeking to allow civilian airports to choose non-fluorinated fire-fighting foam for aircraft rescue and fire fighting.

Cradle for SCBA and extinguishers

Spare SCBA cylinders, water cans, and fire extinguishers can now be safely stored with the new heavy-duty moulded-plastic cradles from Zico Ziamatic.

Vehicles for white helmets

The White Helmets Civil Defence Force programme in Syria has placed an order for nine new firefighting vehicles from South African company Firetrucks 4 Africa.

Truck-mounted fire pump

A powerful single-volute truck-mounted pump has been launched by US Fire Pump.

Healthy vehicles

Smart technology that can continuously and remotely monitor the health or condition of fire vehicles has been developed by the Rev Group.

Check your cylinders

Catastrophic failures of aluminium cylinders used for underwater breathing apparatus prompt safety alert.

See the light at FDIC 2018

Petzl to introduce ATEX-certified head torches that automatically dim their light when beams cross.

Painting for fires

Microcapsules filled with fire extinguishing clean agent that can be mixed with paint have been launched on the world stage.

Intrinsically safe flashlights

A new series of flashlights has been launched that meet NFPA standards and includes a multi-angle mounting system that fits above or below the brim of a fire helmet.

Ex calculated

Software that accurately calculates the gas cloud volume Vz for the classification of hazardous areas has been updated and improved with a new version.

Methods for evaluating poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) released to the environment from firefighting foam use

Ian Ross PhD, Erika Houtz PhD, Erica Kalve, Jeff McDonough, Jake Hurst, Jonathan A. L. Miles PhD.

New flame arresters

FNC has developed a new generation of flame arresters and breather valves with an innovative patented construction concept.

Milestone for UK’s emergency communications network

The new 4G Emergency Services Network (ESN) system has achieved its first successful demonstration over a live public mobile network.

ATEX-certified torch to be launched

A new ATEX-certified torch with an auto-dimming feature will be launched by Peli at the SICUR safety, security and fire exhibition in Spain in February 2018.

Going nuclear with robots

Robots are doing battle in an £8.5 million (US$12 million) competition to find ways to tackle radioactive hotspots in a nuclear facility.

Spearheading nozzle design

Q&A: Stewart McMillan from Task Force Tips, one of the pioneers of the modern firefighting nozzle, candidly discusses with Rick Markley the state of nozzle technology and the opportunities and barriers for design in the coming years.

Dr Niall Ramsden
Solutions in foam

‘An opportunity, not a crisis’ was the underlying theme for the Foam Summit that took place in Budapest, Hungary, IFJ reports.

Electrical accessory organiser for firefighters

Ziamatic Corp (Zico) has developed a new way to keep electrical accessories organised and transportable. The new Cord & Adapter Holder, Model QM-CADH was developed especially for use onboard fire apparatus and ambulances.

Digital stabilometer for fire vehicles

The Vext Inclisafe provides the driver with a visible and acoustic warning when the vehicle becomes unstable, which allows for corrective action to take place.

On target against cyberattacks

Cyber attacks are becoming an ever-prevalent threat to critical national infrastructure (CNI) operators, major organisations, and public safety agencies. So what measures can high-hazard facilities and public safety agencies put in place to protect themselves? The answer lies in virtual and augmented reality technology writes Rob Monroe.

Monitoring heat strain

Real‐time monitoring of heat strain in high‐risk workers is now possible through new wearable technology, writes Jose Maria Sanchez de Muniain.

Cooling all firefighters

A new flame-retardant cooling vest that integrates small electric fans within layers of man-made fabrics will be available in Europe from spring 2018.

People-carrying UAV to the rescue

Aeolos, named after the God of Winds, is a new personal transportation unit that uses advanced UAV technology to save lives during large- and small-scale incident response as well as search and rescue operations.

TIC in the sky

A high-resolution thermal imaging and mapping system for commercial drones is to be launched shortly by Flir.


Wireless connection capability that is being pioneered by Procter & Gamble and Grundfos could be present in all new NFPA fire pump installations in the next five years.

Just connect

Procter & Gamble is examining a range of technologies covering wireless gauges, fire door monitoring and drones as part of a project that aims to deliver a smart fire system, delegates heard at the NFPA’s recent annual conference and exhibition in Boston, US.

Enter the Autoflaker

An automatic high-volume hose recovery unit for easy recovery after large-scale incidents has been developed by Hytrans Fire Systems, reports Ann-Marie Knegt.

Corrosion protection

Retrofittable anode blocks that help prevent corrosion in fire pumps exposed to saltwater have been unveiled by a pump manufacturer.

First responder app

A free app that offers best practice, safety tips and emergency response information has been released by the NFPA for firefighters, EMS, command staff and wildland fire personnel.

Lighting up remote areas

A remote-area lighting system that is certified for use in every high-hazard environment has been launched by Peli.

To plug and protect

US Department of Homeland Security reveals innovative solution to protect critical infrastructure from flooding (video available)

Fire Trade Europe 2017 has been published

Fire Trade Europe is the only directory that is solely dedicated to the firefighting and active/passive fire protection markets.

New communication Wave in Cleveland

Cleveland Fire Brigade upgrades its control room to enable operators to securely take 999 calls from the public and communicate with frontline staff via any network or device.

Testing fire detection in heavy-duty vehicles

A method to test and certify fire detection systems intended for heavy vehicles has been introduced by RISE Safety and Transport; SP Method 5320 and SP Certification Rules (SPCR) 197.

Chemical identification for responders

The MX908 is designed for trace-level detection and identification across a variety of CBRNE and hazmat response missions.

Peli launches its first +1000 lumens compact light range

Peli Products, the manufacturer protective case solutions and portable lighting systems, has introduced the rechargeable Peli 3310R and 3310R-RA (right angle) LED torches with powerful performance bringing up to +1000 lumens to Peli’s ultra-compact lights range.

Going large

The increasing size of industrial facilities is driving the design of ever more powerful and versatile response equipment; Jose Sanchez de Muniain speaks with Chris Ferrara of US Fire Pumps. 

Chemours introduces FM-200 20-year replacement warranty

For those organisations that are concerned about changing EPA fire suppressant regulations, Chemours has now put an FM-200 replacement warranty in action.