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Hampshire FRS world champions once again

Published:  01 September, 2009

World Champions, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Vehicle Extrication Team, have once again scooped the top honours at the prestigious TERC International Challenge staged in Puyallup, Seattle, from 18-23 August 2009.

Hampshire’s award-winning team claimed an impressive victory against an international field of top teams from the USA, Canada, and Europe. The team’s remarkable role of honour reflected their collective high scores throughout the competition, leaving the rest of the field behind by an unprecedented 100 points.

The purpose of extrication competitions is two-fold; teams are exposed to new techniques, methods and technology, which improves their skills and knowledge enabling them to better serve the communities which they protect. Secondly, it allows them to be judged and evaluated in a competitive environment, measuring their skills against those of their peers.

The challenges commonly consist of three scenarios or “Pits” - the Unlimited, Limited and Rapid, each having their own unique set of challenges. Vehicles are placed in various configurations that simulate road traffic collisions.

Simulated hazards and obstacles are also placed throughout the scene and a live patient, who may also serve as a judge, is placed in one of the vehicles.  It is each team’s mission to extricate the patient as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible! 

TERC or the Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee, is the sanctioning body under which most state, regional, national and international competitions are held.  Team performances are evaluated and scored by a team of judges using specific criteria contained in the TERC Judges Handbook.

Hampshire’s Champions 

Incident Commander: Watch Manager Steve Barrow - 1st 
Team Medic: Firefighter Jim Hutchen - 1st 
Technical Team: Watch Manager Ian Wadmore, Watch Manager Lee Havey, Firefighter Trevor Griffin and Firefighter Martin Gritt - 1st

 Hampshire was also awarded the “Team Spirit” Award, nominated by the other competitors for there interaction with all teams and skill sharing throughout the event.

Speaking in Seattle, team manager Watch Manager Steve Barrow said: “I give full credit to the team for personal commitment and a fantastic achievement in the USA. The team has undoubtedly benefited from competing at this very high level and the experience will hopefully put them in good stead for the UK Nationals in Glasgow in a few weeks time, and the World Challenge in Frankfurt in October, where they are endeavouring to become World Champions for an unprecedented third time.”

The winners were:

Best Incident Commander - Hampshire,
Best Medic - Hampshire,
Best Technical Team - Hampshire, UK

Limited Scenario: 
1st - Hampshire, UK 
2nd - Halifax, Canada 
3rd - Boring, USA

Rapid Scenario: 1st  - West Coast Rescue Team, Sweden 
2nd - Hampshire, UK 
3rd - South King Fire Department, USA

Unlimited Scenario: 1st - Whistler Fire Department, Canada 
2nd - Montauk, New York, USA 
3rd - Hampshire, UK

1st - Hampshire UK 
2nd - West Coast Rescue Team, Sweden, 
3rd - Fort Lewis Fire Department, USA

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