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International development and aid database launched

Published:  11 August, 2009

Earlier this year the UKRO, on behalf of CFOA, launched the UK Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), International Development and Aid Database. The database, hosted on the UKRO website, is now available for use.

It incorporates details of international development work undertaken by UK FRS and associated organisations such as the UKRO. In 2008 all UK FRS and associated organisations were invited to contribute to the database through the provision of information relative to project work they were undertaking or planning. This process was again repeated towards the end of 2008 and early in 2009 and in total forty-seven organisations responded.

The principle aim of the database is to provide all UK FRS and associated organisations with details of previous, current and future international development projects. It is now possible for any service or organisation to immediately access work being undertaken in areas they are working in or targeting for future work. In addition the opportunity to share experiences, contacts and skills between services has now greatly increased. The database incorporates areas such as:

Details of organisations undertaking work,
Type of development assistance being provides eg Training, Equipment Provision, Consultation,
Partnerships and Funding
Previous, current and future projects including project durations
Countries/regions being assisted
Contact details of the lead officer and associated web links

All eligible services and organisations will be invited to contribute/update data on a six monthly programme. In addition contributors will be able to provide, via a web based form, updates for their project work at anytime.

To view the database go to the UKRO or CFOA web sites or follow this link:
Should you wish to contribute to the database please contact Cameron Black at

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