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Tool-mounting solution

Published:  10 June, 2009

UK company GSF slides has launched a new brand called Promount – a versatile and unique tool mounting system. Jeremy Binnington, GSF’s Sales and Marketing Director explained at the Fire and Rescue Show held in Birmingham, this month, that he was very pleased to discover that Promount is already making a name for itself in the industry.


“The Promount tool mounting system is unique in the respect that not only does it lock down a host of firefighting equipment, but because Promount can be fixed upside down, it squeezes every useable space out of a vehicle.”

Indeed Promount is an innovation in hard-lock, fast release tool storage.  Made from a number of highly durable and non corrosive materials, including polypropylene, glassed filled nylons and a mixture of high silicon/high rubber elastics; tests carried out by the US Army (MIL-S-901D qualification) were so successful that all US land vehicles currently use the system in one form or another.

”Fire vehicles need to meet some pretty tough challenges.  Most vehicles these days have a working life of 15 to 20 years but a firefighter’s kit changes almost yearly and we needed a solution that would work round that problem. Promount isn’t future-proofing, but as a multi-tool, multi-application tool storage unit, it keeps up constant kit changes very well.”

The secret to Promount’s unique tool storage ability is the steel tool boards or alternatively “peg-boards” that use one-inch spaces between holes.  This means when equipment does need changing the brigades can configure the space and specific storage solution to each tool and Health and Safety Requirement.

“Promount,” concludes Binnington, “is a logical, fixed solution that can be used simply and efficiently by a gloved hand, as well us giving the firefighters a means to add more essential kit to the vehicle.”


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