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SoloVision STEALTH

Published:  01 January, 2006

When a special team from the UK's Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue flew to Pakistan after a catastrophic earthquake, the unit they took with them was the SoloVision STEALTH.

A long-range thermal imager from GB SOLO Ltd, the STEALTH is capable of identifying people over 500 metres away through smoke, fog, darkness or camouflage and is said to be suitable for use onboard helicopters.
“The Vision STEALTH operates at its best in the complete absence of light,” comments Marketing Manager James Brooks. “STEALTH can lead crash fire rescue teams directly to a crash site or lead marine rescuers directly to the victims. Equally important, the Vision STEALTH can help avoid accidents along the way. And, because it is completely portable and handheld, once at the scene, the Vision STEALTH can also be used for internal search and rescue.”
When used on the ground, or even in a helicopter, the Vision STEALTH can accurately identify fires and hot spots up to several miles away, making it a vital tool for forest fire prevention.
“As a company, we are probably best known for our GB Solo helmets. These are currently part of the essential equipment of fire teams at NASA, P&O, the Royal Malaysian Navy - even amongst Formula One racing teams,” comments James Brooks. “There are currently 273 helmets being built for Carnival cruise.
“The unique ergonomic design of the SOLOtic combines helmet, face mask, neck skirt, air supply and communications systems, to enable ‘hands-free’ operation - while an integrated thermal imaging camera offers Virtual Reality Viewing Optics.”
Made by Scunthorpe-based manufacturers, GB Solo Ltd, the SOLOtic is approved and in use in military, civilian and commercial applications worldwide. The entire helmet system can be donned in less than 20 seconds and its shell is available in a variety of colours.
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