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Effective and safe tool mounting with Pac Trac

Published:  08 December, 2008

The PAC TRAC Tool Mounting system, the latest in a line of products from GSF Slides, is the latest solution to securing tools and heavy equipment across different applications. Jeremy Binninton, Head of Sales and Marketing for GSF explains: “The US military have commended the products’ rugged fast lock and instant release mechanisms, which have proved highly dependable in emergency and hostile environments.” 

The products are made from a number of highly durable and non corrosive materials, including polypropylene, glassed filled nylons and a mixture of high silicon / high rubber elastics all of which has been put through some incredible tests.  “The US Navy shock tested the PAC TRAC system in line with their MIL-S-901D qualification.” Binnington continues, “Nine high impact blows were conducted vertically, 30 degrees on a front down inclination and a 30 degree side down inclination, to simulate the rough seas and the type of damage incurred during wartime service, such as the effects of nuclear or conventional weapons.  Each piece of PAC TRAC tested passed.””

If this is the case then outdated storage solutions like Velcro straps and fibre-glass storage containers, fitted to walls or inside vehicle, will be outdated.  “I completely agree,” comments Jeremy.  “PAC TRAC totally outguns it’s Velcro counterparts, just look what happens to fibre-glass storage units on board ships.  The covers soon crack through the salt water and wind, making them brittle and crack. This doesn’t happen with PAC because it’s made from some of the toughest reinforced nylons and poly-urethane plastics known to man.”

The other benefit to this new system is storage itself. In the old days storage facilities would change in line with new equipment updates or modifications. By fitting different PAC TRAC tool mounts to an aluminium tool-board, equipment can be organised and safe without having to re-design stowage facilities. “This has fantastic benefits for Local Authority or the Fire services.” adds Jeremy,  “Imagine a system that can store fire equipment underneath the slide-systems. It would mean brigades would be using every inch of real estate a vehicle has and when it comes to update the equipment all officers have to do is change the piece of PAC.”

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