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Constructive steps to reduce RTCs

Published:  01 September, 2008

Nine people are killed and nearly ten times as many are seriously injured every day on UK roads. Fire services can further help to save lives and support people affected by road crashes by taking part in National Road Safety Week (10-16 November 2008), coordinated by road charity Brake.

Fire services witness first-hand the terrible aftermath of road crashes, and are extremely well placed to communicate powerful messages about the importance of using roads safely, particularly driving safely. Many fire services already run road-safety educational initiatives, so Road Safety Week is an ideal time to tie these initiatives to a UK event, thereby gaining valuable additional local media coverage and raising funds.
Kent Fire and Rescue service took part last year and Dean Firmin, Commander of Larkfield Fire Station in Kent, explained that Road Safety Week provides a fantastic platform for emergency services to reach key audiences and deliver life-saving messages. "We'd encourage any fire service to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Week to kick-start road safety initiatives in their local communities. In Road Safety Week 2007 we teamed up with Brake to talk to local college students about the consequences of risk-taking on the roads and our work attending crashes. It was great to see how this inspired them to think more carefully about how their decisions can mean the difference between life and death on the road."
For more information visit the emergency services section at: The site includes easy steps on how to get involved, running awareness raising crash extrications, free road safety training for officers, and ideas for fundraising socials events.

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