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Special Report - New PPE design launched

Published:  01 July, 2007

The new US standard (‘Protective ensembles for structural firefighting and close proximity firefighting’) brings together two previous standards into one. It features major design improvements which reflect the changed hazards firefighters face since the previous revision in 2000.

In particular, the specification recognises the threats from potential terrorist activity in providing for the optional inclusion of protection from exposure to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attack.
Roger Startin, Bristol’s joint MD, comments: “Bristol Uniforms Ltd was founded in Bristol in 1801 and remains one of the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of protective clothing for municipal and industrial firefighters, both in the UK and abroad, with around 50% of sales being exported to over 90 countries across the world. The company employs over 100 people today.”
The newly-introduced Bristol NFPA fire coat and trouser incorporates a number of new features including:
* A drag rescue device (DRD) to enable the extrication an incapacitated firefighter from a fire situation by means of an attachment included in the garment allowing the person to be dragged horizontally out of danger and
* Fluorescent trim positioning and collar height changes.
Although principally used in North American markets, the NFPA standard is also adopted in parts of Central and South America as well as the Middle East and Far East where Bristol is increasingly specified as the supplier of choice amongst major city municipal fire and rescue services. PPE has been supplied to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait as well as Singapore and Malaysia.
Roger Startin concludes: “Although many Latin American countries do accept EN 469:2005 there are a good number who follow the US standard and so our expansion plans for Central and South America make it essential we can provide NFPA standard kit where required.”

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