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Fire bikes help to reduce arson

Published:  25 April, 2008

Retailer, Halfords launched a bike initiative in which especially designed bikes are provided to emergency services. London Fire Brigade’s Feltham Fire Station was one of the first to sign up for the Halfords 999 bike initiative.

Bicycles are seen as an effective and eco-friendly way to deploy personnel on routine patrols. Now Halfords, which has 100 years of cycle expertise, has developed a range of bikes that will stand up to the rigours of daily use and which can be tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each of the services.

In September 2007, several Carrera branded cycles were delivered at Feltham Station. The brigade used the bikes to engage with young people in high arson activity areas.

Feltham Fire Station Manager, Mark Philips, explained that providing his firefighters with cycles has helped to significantly reduce fire crimes last year.

“Getting our firefighters out and about on cycles has helped us work with the local community to tackle issues of arson and deliver fire safety messages to schools and the local community.”

Paul Lowndes, who is heading up the Halfords 999 bike initiative, said, “All the emergency services now use bikes.  In many instances they are considered to be the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of getting officers to the scene.

“Bikes are becoming increasingly important and are one of the most effective weapons at the emergency services’ disposal. 

“As the UK’s leading bike retailer, we have unrivalled expertise and the capability to, for the first time, effectively set the standard, which is why we are launching this service to all the emergency services.”

Halfords cycles are made to specification and a full repair and maintenance package is offered to each emergency service that uses Halfords’ branded cycles. 


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