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TIC developed for search and rescue operations

Published:  01 January, 2008

Marketing manager at GB Solo James Brooks believes his company supplies the most ergonomically efficient protective helmets and the most versatile and rugged long-range thermal imaging cameras available today.

“Our technologically advanced designs, with CE Category III, PPE-approved safety features, bring them to the forefront as the ultimate range when it comes to firefighting, search and rescue and surveillance operations. Our devices save lives! From the total head protection offered by the SOLOunifit through to the 1km detection range of the thermal imaging cameras, GB Solo technology has helped both victims and rescuers.”

The company is introducing the SOLOvision S2 FIRE which is half the size of the original SoloVision and of which James believes to be the smallest and lightest firefighting TIC in the world. For fire monitoring operations the SOLOvision S2 will easily identify the start of even a small fire. The S2 will identify exactly where the seat of the fire is and measure the exact temperatures. The S2 will pick up heat through steel and other metalwork. Any glare from a fire can be quickly identified and the fire suppressed. This camera has been designed specifically for close-in fire suppression work.

The S2 has picture download capability along with on screen options for colour, spot temperature and battery awareness monitor.

The SOLOvision S2 can be used like a pair of binoculars hung over the neck using the neck strap. However, if the situation calls, the unit can be used as a hands-free camera. One of the many benefits of the SOLOvision S2 is that it allows fire and search/rescue teams to move efficiently no matter what conditions they are facing, says James.

The S2 is water resistant, vibration proof and can withstand a flashover of 1,000oC for 10 seconds. It is suitable for use with all known breathing apparatus and gas masks.
"As an all-round camera with the capability to monitor for fire/search and rescue of victims, there is no better camera for the job. Tested to IP67/68, EMC conformity, each S2 is subjected to such test environments and each unit is signed off within an individual service/ownership manual," James concludes.

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