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Published:  01 April, 2006

The best PPV from Sweden!

The best PPV from Sweden!
The SweFan 24 is used by almost every professional fire brigade in Sweden as well as national fire training schools. Manufactured by Dafo Brand AB, the SweFan 24” is the result of a development project between Dafo and Swedish fire brigades.
“This is a really terrific idea. Around 1998 the use of PPV fans became more common in Sweden and radically new approaches have been used in developing the SweFan 24,” explained Dafo’s Johnny Ryden.
“There are a number of great features - an extending handle with large easy-to-roll wheels which makes it easy to transport the fan into position. These extending legs allow the fan to be tilted in both raised and lowered positions and placed on stairs.
“The unit’s exhaust hose is 5-metres long and effectively extracts exhaust gases from the area close to the fan, preventing the exhaust gases from further contaminating the fire are. The exhaust hose also reduces the engine noise.
“The SweFan 24”unit  can easily be used to produce foam thanks to a High Expansion Foam adapter, the SkumRask, which can be quickly attached. The SkumRask can even be used solely as a watermist unit by removing the foam net,” he explains.
In co-operation with the leading PPV experts in Sweden, Ronny Fallberg and Christer Palmkvist at Södra Älvsborgs Fire Brigade in Borås, Dafo has produced an information/training film on PPV tactics, & technology available as a video, DVD or CD, in Swedish or English. More information? Visit:

Cranford Controls - 12V sounder/strobe units
“For use in security systems and other 12VDC applications, Cranford Controls has introduced 12-Volt versions of its well-established 24VDC Vantage fire sounder, strobe and combination audible-visual units,” Kay Newman tells IFJ.
The two stage sounders have 32 selectable tones, with variable outputs from 91dB(A) to 111dB(A) at 1m, selectable via an on-board DIL switch.  The sounders offer a wide frequency range from 400 to 2950Hz and a combination of advanced electronics, a high performance transducer and efficient folded horn design ensures a quality result, particularly at the higher frequencies more often used in security applications.
The beacons, available with red, amber or clear lenses, can be hard-wired to give either 0.7W or 0.4W output; they draw only 10mA or 6mA at 12V, minimising the load on the control panel and potentially reducing the size of the battery back-up required.
The compact units are available in red or white, sealed to IP43 for indoor use or IP65 for external applications. 
Kay concludes: “The enhanced environmental protection is achieved by using a deep mounting base as an alternative to the standard base.  In both versions, the unit is assembled into the base using a bayonet fixing arrangement and can be locked into place using a security grub screw if required.  The separate base enables the majority of the installation work to be carried out at the first fix stage, with the devices themselves added during the commissioning phase.”More information, visit:

Three Specialists. One Alliance. Maximum Safety.
Under this slogan MSA AUER GmbH, the Berlin manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment and Gas Detection, Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH, the Essen-based specialist for safe and professional training programmes and Kidde Fire Trainers GmbH, the worldwide market leader in fire simulation systems have joined forces to form an alliance, in the interests of providing an even better service to their customers.
“Combining the complementary areas of expertise of these three leading specialists in the field of fire and rescue service safety technology will generate manifold synergies, to the advantage and benefit of the end-user. Training will become more realistic and safer,” says a company spokesman.
“Realistic training scenarios and equipment designed to meet the demands of every situation help develop the invaluable know-how required to save lives. The more comprehensive the combined experience of these three specialists, the better the performance later in the field.”
The latest technology and products are brought into play in realistic settings. This helps to produce the best conditions for the development and testing of innovative and forward-looking concepts and strategies in the field of firefighting. More info?

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