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Ecoglo receives interest from high risk facility safety managers

Published:  11 April, 2008

At the recent Industrial Fire Safety and Security Exhibition in Houston, Texas, photoluminescent safety egress system manufacturer Ecoglo received much interest from high risk facility safety managers. Is there a gap in your safety plan, too?

Key to Ecoglo’s technology is that it is not a novelty glow-in-the-dark solution. It is a durable system that has been designed to withstand continuous foot traffic and weathering.
The photoluminescent exit path markings are used in a variety of facilities around the world, including the Olympic Arena in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, New York’s “Jazz at the Lincoln Centre”, and Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

Step edge safety strips are made of high grade aluminium, onto which high visibility photoluminescent rare earth powders and silicon carbide anti-slip material are heat bonded. The strips are mechanically attached to a flat surface – be it concrete or metal – with special fasteners. “Not only do they glow in the dark, but because they have an anti-slip component they make a good safety product for ladder rungs and steps,” explains Dave Murray, Vice President Sales & Marketing Ecoglo (North America).

The Industrial Fire Safety and Security Exhibition in Houston, where Ecoglo was exhibiting, turned out to be an eye opener. “There are about 400 refineries in  Texas, and many safety managers commented that they had a huge gap in their safety plan for their facilities and Ecoglo made them think. The fact is that this application extends beyond traditional internal evacuation and extends to outdoor industrial facilities, such as refineries, mining operations and oil rigs. More and more companies are looking for outdoor photoluminescent exit path markings, and Ecoglo has been designed to last for decades.”

Ecoglo complies to the following standards:
- New York City - RS6.1(supp. emergency lighting)
- ICC AC169 (US stadia, arenas & theatres)
- IBC 2007 Supplement - Section 1027 (mandatory for buildings exceeding 75’ height)
- British & ISO Standards for PL Brightness
- Tokyo Fire Department
- Fire & Disaster Management Agency (Japan) 
  Engineered Solution
- Building Code of Australia
- New Zealand Building Code.

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