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Washington State progresses Bill to ban PFAS used in AFFF and in personal protective equipment

If the Bill passes both chambers of the legislature, Washington would become the first US state to restrict the sale of fire-fighting foams with PFAS.

Absorbent media for removing PFCs from wastewater

An absorbent media that selectively captures and removes micropollutants such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) from wastewater has received a £1.24 million (US$ 1.72 million) grant to accelerate its pilot phase.

High-performance auxiliary water system for San Francisco

An extension to San Francisco’s emergency fire suppression system has moved one step closer to completion with the selection of a final design for a new high-pressure auxiliary water network.

ATEX-certified torch to be launched

A new ATEX-certified torch with an auto-dimming feature will be launched by Peli at the SICUR safety, security and fire exhibition in Spain in February 2018.

Hazardous opioid exposure protection for responders

DQE, based in Indianapolis, has launched a line of personal protection kits to protect responders from the dangers of ingesting or inhaling opioid substances.

Seoul Fire Department takes on turntable ladder

The world’s highest turntable ladder has gone into service with Seoul City Fire Department.

Oxygen Masks for Animals Campaign

All fire engines in Shropshire, UK, will now be stocked with pet-sized oxygen masks following a successful campaign to improve the survival of animals that have inhaled smoke in house fires.

Versatile fire hydrant

A new fire hydrant features an extra port for non-fire related applications.

Fire protection of high-rise buildings using a water mist system

Places are still available for the International Water Mist Association’s next seminar, which takes place in northwest London on 1 March 2018.

StocExpo Europe, 20-22 March

Promoted event: World’s leading event for the international storage sector announces all new features for 2018

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