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Robotic fire risks

Fire-protection guidelines for warehouses containing automatic storage and retrieval systems have been published by FM Global.

Refinery explosion

SEE VIDEO: Safety video of the 2016 ExxonMobil fire at Baton Rouge Refinery

HazSim – Bringing situational hazmat training to life

HazSim, LLC provides innovative simulation training to ensure your team works safely and effectively. HazSim Pro simulation equipment is in use by hundreds of fire departments, training schools, industrial fire teams, and private trainers across the US, Canada and further afield as well as the US Army.

Cooling all firefighters

A new flame-retardant cooling vest that integrates small electric fans within layers of man-made fabrics will be available in Europe from spring 2018.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight FRS appoint Neil Odin as new CFO

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service (IWFRS) have appointed Neil Odin as their new Chief Fire Officer as of 1 January 2018.

People-carrying UAV to the rescue

Aeolos, named after the God of Winds, is a new personal transportation unit that uses advanced UAV technology to save lives during large- and small-scale incident response as well as search and rescue operations.

Midland Resource Recovery explosions - update

More details have been released about two explosions that occurred within weeks of each other, resulting in the deaths of three workers at a facility in Philippi, West Virginia, US.

Firefighting foam - a crisis or a crossroads

The Firefighting Foam Summit will review the current situation related to the selection, use and management of firefighting foam, highlighting a holistic approach to lifetime foam management that balances fire performance and potential environmental liabilities.


Wireless connection capability that is being pioneered by Procter & Gamble and Grundfos could be present in all new NFPA fire pump installations in the next five years.

Calling fire service aficionados

At the 112 Exhibition enthusiasts can find a plethora of fire service memorabilia and collection items: it will be held at the Kulturhus in Nunspeet, The Netherlands on October 14.

Enter the Autoflaker

An automatic high-volume hose recovery unit for easy recovery after large-scale incidents has been developed by Hytrans Fire Systems, reports Ann-Marie Knegt.

Top-level wildfire training

The US State Department for Forestry, Bureau of Land Management and several fire departments from Oregon are in talks with a UK fire and rescue service about training crews in wildland firefighting skills.

Donation to disaster communications charity

A manufacturer of lighting systems and robust cases has donated a range of its products to the Disaster Tech Lab charity, an organisation that provides rapid response communication networks in disaster areas where the communication infrastructure has been destroyed or is non-existent.

It’s all in the installation

A video comparing the performance of two fire-rated doors – with one crucial difference.

Industrial Fire Journal, Autumn 2017 has been published

The market-leading international publication covering response and fire protection for high-risk industry is available to read online.

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